Case Management


Clients are always welcome to choose their own pharmacy. However, we do work with Town Center Pharmacy. Town Center will have a pharmacy open on location, which means clients will receive their script from their primary care and fill that script in the same building. The pharmacy will be called Wellness RX and will be available to clients soon.

Michigan Drug Assistance Program

The Michigan Drug Assistance Program (MIDAP) includes prescription copay/ coinsurance coverage and the Premium Assistance Program. Click here for more information. 

Food & Nutrition

At Wellness Services, we offer a food pantry that our HIV positive clients can access. We also have a food voucher program in community partnership with the local grocer. Eligible clients can receive a food voucher to The Local Grocer. If you’re an HIV positive client and have food insecurities, you can receive this food voucher from your case manager. The voucher will allow you access to fresh, local food from The Local Grocer.


Our case managers can assist clients with selecting the best provider based on their health issues. Below are some links to help you find the best program for you.