Make Your Contribution Count

Participate in our LGBTQ community fundraising in Flint, MI

Want to contribute to a cause you care about? Look into the LGBTQ community fundraising that Wellness AIDS Services does. We're always raising money to help support the LGBTQ community.

The work we do for the HIV positive community and the LGBTQ community wouldn't be possible without help from our sponsors. We are so appreciative of the people and organizations who support us.

Call 810-232-0888 now to learn more about the LGBTQ community fundraising we do in Flint, MI.

Get involved in our HIV community fundraising

In order to support wellness and comfort for our HIV positive community, we participate in HIV community fundraising. You can help by making a donation. Are you looking for a way to help people in need? Donating to support people living with HIV is a good decision. You're making your community stronger by lifting up those who are HIV positive.

Contact us today to ask about HIV community fundraising in Flint, MI.