Provider Education Series

Social Determinants of Health for LGBTQ+ Youth

May 25th 2:00 PM

This training addresses social determinants specific to the LGBTQ+ community to help educate medical providers, social workers, and educators. Through this education, we can see where the significant focus should be made for systematic changes in your organization to implement best practices to serve our community members, specifically LGBTQ+ youth. The social determinates will be distributed into five categories; Neighborhood and built environment, health, and healthcare, community context, education, and economics. Through these lenses, we will examine unique social imperfections and occur and have real life consequences for our community.

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A STEP Towards Harm Reduction: Facing Flint's Opioid Epidemic

Jun 3, 2021 02:00 PM

Syringe service programs have always been met with resistance due to the fact that they challenge drug-related stigma while prioritizing the human rights and dignity of people who use drugs. This workshop will focus on creating safe access points in your community that do not focus directly on total abstinence, but instead focus on engagement and empowering the individual where they are at with an undertone of addressing conditions of drug use along with the drug use itself. Wellness Services STEP program involves Naloxone/Narcan distribution, free HIV/HCV testing, free access to syringes and other harm reduction supplies. STEP emphasizes building rapport and trust first while engaging readiness for testing and treatment. This has led to an increase in HIV/HCV testing and treatment services for Flint's IDU (injection drug user) population and helped to reduce the number of HIV/HCV cases related to injection drug use.

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